Products - Hybrid gas insulated switchgear 110 kV up to 3150 A rated current

On the basis of long research of the world’s experience of using gas insulated switchgears for voltage rating 110 kV we developed the product matching the following concepts:


HGIS IS&T 110 kV takes advantages from the two different technologies as conventional air insulated switchgear and the newer SF6 gas insulated switchgear. With such design, all the accessories are localized in separate SF6 tanks:

Minimal installation losses appears because of high prefabrication level. Installation works don’t need high-qualified staff. Transportation doesn’t need special vehicles.

Useful decrease of needed space against conventional air insulated switchgear caused by the module type design and minimal overall dimensions because of SF6 insulation.

Module type design makes it easy to perform project works, decrease mistakes frequency, in other words, makes the project “predictable” against conventional equipment projects

SF6 insulation needs less maintenance losses. For example, main moving knives of usual air insulated disconnetor needs every year maintenance, against SF6 insulated disconnector doesn’t need maintenance during the whole life period.

High dielectric rigidity of SF6 cause high insulation level at low sizes and distances between phases and phase-to-earth, good arc blowout and cooling properties increase breaking capacity of the circuit breakers, decrease heating of the busbars.

Maintenance safety caused by using of grounded tanks, made of aluminum alloy with covering. The tanks are equipped by all sensors (pressure, temperature etc), all needed inspection windows to provide the visible interruptions.

Main technical parameters

Typical units design

Single bus line bay

Double bus line bay

HGIS 110 kV IS&T in moveable substation application example